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A good return on your investment

Would I get your attention if you knew that investing in a certificate career-training program could earn you 273% on your investment?

Great Oaks students are successful because of business and community support. This past fall, UC Economics Center completed a study of our adult career programs return on investment as well as Great Oaks Career Campuses yearly economic impact on the southwest region of Ohio.

Each year, hundreds of area adults spend up to 11 months in advanced training to earn certifications for a new career.  From electro-mechanical maintenance technology to police and fire training to dental assisting, these adult students come to Great Oaks intending to improve their lives.  For many, the time and tuition invested are a sacrifice, and they need to know whether the investment is worthwhile.

The Economics Center answered that question.  Based on the careers available to students after they graduate, the Center found that a graduate could see an average 273% return on their investment within five years.  That means students who enter a Great Oaks adult program could increase their earning power enough to repay the cost of tuition and lost wages (due to time spent in class) almost three times in the first five years after graduation.

All of Great Oaks’ full-time adult certificate programs are associated with occupations that have average earnings of $39,000 or above.

The UC researchers also wanted to find out what Great Oaks’ economic impact on the community is each year.  They learned that every dollar Great Oaks spends on facilities, people and supplies benefits the community three to one.  In other words, the district’s taxpayer contribute approximately $40 million from a property tax of 2.7 millage to provide programming to high school and adults that has an effect of $115 million on the local economy.  For every one local dollar raised, more than three comes directly back to the region.

Through this study, we learned that our graduates are ready to improve their own lives—and with that, the lives of their families and the economic health of society through more spending and income taxes paid. We learned that Great Oaks itself has a positive effect on our region, and we learned that those who invest in us through their property taxes know that we are a good investment. Additional information on programming and the UC Economics Report sited can be found at

For over four decades, Great Oaks Career Campuses have been impacting the Southwest region. We appreciate the mutually beneficial relationship we have with our 36 partnering school districts that touch 12 counties in Southwest Ohio.  Learning works for the individual and the communities we serve.