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Salary and Benefits Committee

The Salary and Benefits Committee shall meet on an “as needed” basis and shall be charged with the following responsibilities and the following timetable, where it is possible:

To review salary and benefits of all Great Oaks employees and compare them to a composite of the salary and fringe programs of member districts, noting any variances. These meetings should take place in February, March, April and May. The committee should use the District developed Compensation Philosophy as a guide during the development of their proposal. Addendums to the philosophy should be considered each year.

The Salary Committee shall meet in October and November of each year to review current trends in salaries and benefits.

The month of April should be spent in providing input, assistance and guidelines as asked for by the President/CEO and staff members as they proceed with informal salary and benefit meetings throughout the District.

A completed salary and benefits proposal for the forthcoming contract year should be presented at the regular May Board Meeting for discussion and study. It would be the prerogative of the Board to vote on this proposal at either the May or the June meeting.

Salary and Benefits Committee members:

Committee Leader: Fred Hunt
Alternate Leader:  Terry Gibson
Bill Ferguson, Ex Officio
Amber Ballard
Mary Cleveland
Mae Hanna
Beverly Rhoads
Dave Yockey