Finances and funding

Finances and Funding

A message from Ben Vanhorn, Treasurer/CFO

The Treasurer/CFO is the chief financial officer of Great Oaks Career Campuses, responsible for maintaining records of all financial matters, which includes issuingBen Vanhorn warrants in payment of liabilities incurred by Great Oaks, acting as custodian of all Great Oaks funds, and investing idle funds as specified by Ohio law.

My role--and the purpose of these web pages--is to provide financial information to the Great Oaks community.

The Business Office team is dedicated to supporting the Great Oaks purpose, goals and values by focusing our efforts to benefit the students' experience and success. The team supports the Great Oaks Strategic plan by providing timely, clear and accurate reporting of Great Oaks financial resources.

Meet the Business Office team

Find information about cost per pupil (page 109) and other financial data in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report below.

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Did you know?

The ONLY local funding provided to Great Oaks is a 2.7-mill operating levy.  This rate has not changed since 1988.

The actual millage that local homeowners and businesses pay has dropped over the years; it is currently 2.029 mills.  That's about $60 per year per $100,000 in assessed value, or about $5 per month.

A recent study by the UC Economics Center shows that Great Oaks provides about $3 in value for every $1 in local funding.  Read the report here.