Current COVID-19 Statistics

 Current confirmed casesStudents/staff currently quarantined*Total confirmed cases during 2020-2021 school year
Diamond Oaks0044
Laurel Oaks0048
Live Oaks0029
Scarlet Oaks2299
Adult Education0022
Last updated: 5/7/21 8:36 a.m.

*"Quarantined" refers to those required to do so by the local health department. This number includes those quarantined due to exposure outside of the school.
**"Other" refers to those not assigned to a specific building (District Office staff, maintenance staff, satellite program, bus drivers, etc.)

This chart is updated weekly, on Fridays, or more frequently if needed.

What happens when a student or staff member is confirmed to have COVID-19?

Great Oaks staff members follow a routine that's designed to keep students and staff safe.  That includes:

  1. Working with the county health department to identify any students, staff or visitors who have had close contact with the person who tests positive. "Close contact" means being within 6 feet of the person, with or without a mask, for 10 minutes or more during the infectious period.  Great Oaks and the health department will work together to notify those who had close contact, and they may be asked to quarantine for a period of time.  Great Oaks and the health department will work together to notify those who had close contact, and they may be asked to quarantine for a period of time.  It’s possible that no one on campus will be quarantined, if the person with COVID-19 was not on campus during the infectious period.
  2. Additional cleaning and sanitizing of all potentially affected areas.
  3. A call or email to all families and staff members of the campus.  Only those who have had close contact may need to quarantine, but we want all to be aware of the situation.

PLEASE NOTE:  To protect the privacy and medical information of all, no personal information may be shared about the person with COVID-19.  This means we may not be able to identify the program or class, or even whether the person is a student, staff member, or visitor.

We appreciate that our students, staff and visitors follow healthy practices!  Remember,

  • Wear a mask or face covering, and wear it properly covering mouth and nose.
  • Keep social distance of six feet or more from others whenever possible.
  • Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds or more, and use hand sanitizer.

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Let us know!

Parents are asked to report confirmed cases of COVID-19 to the school.

To report the information, contact

Diamond Oaks
During school hours:  Niki Luken, School Nurse  513.612.7841 or
After hours: Donna Eakins, Dean 513.612.7005 or

Laurel Oaks
During school hours:  Amanda Becraft, School Nurse 937.655.5470 or
After hours:  Kevin Abt, Dean  937.655.5402 or

Live Oaks
During school hours:  Jill Glazer, School Nurse 513.239.6924 or
After hours:  Andy McCool, Dean 513.612.4901 or

Scarlet Oaks
During school hours:  Andrea Lewis, School Nurse 513.612.5882 or
After hours:  Dan Rush, Dean  513.612.5701 or

Adult Education:  Julie Woodward, Director 513.771.8881 or

The student's personal information is kept confidential.

Great Oaks students and staff are taking precautions!

Social distancing in the classroom