COVID-19 Reporting

Current COVID-19 Statistics

 Current confirmed casesStudents/staff currently quarantined*Total confirmed cases during 2021-2022 school year
Diamond Oaks82131
Laurel Oaks72550
Live Oaks31039
Scarlet Oaks102850
Adult Education006
Last updated: 9/24/2021 6:12 p.m.

*"Quarantined" refers to those required to do so by the local health department. This number includes those quarantined due to exposure outside of the school.
**"Other" refers to those not assigned to a specific building (District Office staff, maintenance staff, satellite program, bus drivers, etc.)

This chart is updated weekly, on Fridays, or more frequently if needed.


Let us know!

Parents are asked to report confirmed cases of COVID-19 to the school.

To report the information, contact

Diamond Oaks
During school hours:  Niki Luken, School Nurse  513.612.7841 or
After hours: Angie Collins, Dean 513.612.7005 or

Laurel Oaks
During school hours:  Amanda Becraft, School Nurse 937.655.5470 or
After hours:  Kevin Abt, Dean  937.655.5402 or

Live Oaks
During school hours:  Jill Glazer, School Nurse 513.239.6924 or
After hours:  Andy McCool, Dean 513.612.4901 or

Scarlet Oaks
During school hours:  Andrea Lewis, School Nurse 513.612.5882 or
After hours:  Dan Rush, Dean  513.612.5701 or

Adult Education:  Andy Hoekzema, Director 513.771.8881 or

The student's personal information is kept confidential.