Career and College Ready

Career Exploration

If you aren’t quite sure where to start, we can help.  It’s never too early to begin to explore careers.

Helping to develop the whole student to be career and college ready is a process that will support a student on the road to success after high school.  After all, many students are college bound but all students are career bound.

The goal of career exploration and planning is to link academic knowledge and real-world experience to determine the path of the student’s future professional life.

Being career ready means being able to effectively navigate pathways that connect education and employment to achieve a fulfilling, financially secure, and successful career.

Career readiness does not have a defined endpoint in today’s workplace.  Instead to be career ready in our ever-changing global economy requires that one continues to manage their career throughout their working life.  It requires flexibility, adaptability, and a commitment to lifelong learning, along with a mastery of key knowledge and skills that vary from one career to another and change over time as a person progresses through their professional life.

Career exploration resources--videos, quizzes, and information for parents, students and teachers

Career exploration is grounded in the belief that opportunities should be made available to all students from kindergarten throughout adulthood. Our mission is to build awareness as well as exploration and planning opportunities.   We are working toward this mission through:

  • Providing STUDENTS with a reason to learn by seeing school subjects as practical and realistic approaches to working and living
  • Helping TEACHERS tie their curricula to the broader world of work
  • Giving GUIDANCE PERSONNEL support as a key to developing activities and programs that increase self-awareness and improve decision making skills
  • Giving ADMINISTRATORS a central motivating factor to improve the quality of education
  • Inviting the COMMUNITY to take part in the school and to be seen as a vital classroom resource
  • Supporting BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY by providing them with employees who not only have skills but also the attitudes necessary for success
  • Assisting PARENTS in teaching their children the dignity and value of work and introducing them to many career possibilities

We promote the use of the Career Connections Framework from the Ohio Department of Education and OhioMeansJobs  in our affiliated schools for all grades.

Great Oaks Career Exploration provides support to our 36 school district partners.  The goal of the program is to help students, parents, and educators in these districts learn about career pathways, career clusters, and educational and career options.


Click here for videos, quizzes, interest inventories, and more!

Some of the activities/events that we are coordinating this school year are:

Career Exploration starts with learning more about yourself. This workbook will walk you through a bit of self-discovery, a career cluster interest survey and start you thinking about your career goals. Appropriate for grades 8-10.

Parents have the most influence over a teen's career making decisions. This guide will give you some resources and tips for how parents can effectively guide their student in the career exploration process. Appropriate for middle and early-high school students.

If you have questions, comments, or special requests contact Sarah Taylor at or 513 612 5764.

For more information, see Board Policy 2413:  Career Advising at the Great Oaks Board of Directors site.