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Building and Assets Committee

Building and Assets Committee

  • Reviews and assists the management team and architect in the plans for the development and construction of buildings, building additions, and modification of existing facilities;
  • Evaluates new ideas and concepts used in the construction or renovation of school facilities;
  • Studies the economy of operations versus quality of construction materials in planning;
  • Evaluates community acceptance of the recommendations of the architect and management team in the planning stages;
  • Provides opportunities for the involvement of students for conceptual design and functional planning input for review and evaluation by this Committee;
  • Develops and monitors preventive maintenance programs of the District;
  • Assists the management team in the preparation and evaluation of equipment and construction bid packets;
  • Assists the management team in the operational implementation of the District vehicle plan;
  • Evaluates and recommends the District vehicle insurance programs;
  • Evaluates and recommends the District facility and equipment insurance programs;
  • Studies and recommends outside agency contracts and agreements for facility utilization;
  • Acts as an agent in reporting to the Board of Directors on assignments of this Committee; and
  • Acts upon all requests made by the Board of Directors, its chairman, and management team in areas related to the Committee responsibilities.


Building and Assets Committee Members

Committee Leader:  Mark Ewing
Alternate Leader:  Greg Barr
Danny Ilhardt
Tim Sharp
Steve Smith
Tim Wagner
Ken White

Staff Liaison:  Jeff Johnson, Business Manager