Noah Dunkley finishes ninth in national cabinetmaking competition

Noah Dunkley of Indian Hill is among the best young cabinet makers in the country, finishing in ninth place in the SkillsUSA cabinet-making competition in June.

Dunkley, a 2021 graduate of Indian Hill High School and the Scarlet Oaks Career Campus Construction Framing and Finishing program, qualified for the national event by winning first place in Ohio state SkillsUSA competition.

Ordinarily, competitors travel to a central location to attend the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference and demonstrate their skills in direct competition.  This is no ordinary year, though, and so Dunkley and the other top students competed virtually.  For the cabinetmaking event, Dunkley came to the Scarlet Oaks construction lab on June 15.  At 8:00 a.m., he was given a blueprint and materials, and had six hours to build a six-sided box complete with a lid and trim.

The event was designed to test the students’ blueprint-reading abilities as well as their fine woodworking skills.  “It was a challenging project,” Dunkley said.  “With the unusual angles, you had to make sure the work was done perfectly and the joints lined up well, or it would affect the finished product.”

His work was monitored throughout the day by local proctors in person and national judges via a live video feed.  At the end of the event, the box was measured, photographed, and tested, and the results submitted for final judging.

The final results were released in July, and Noah Dunkley was named one of the ten best in the United States in the cabinetmaking category.

Dunkley plans to continue using the skills he learned in Scarlet Oaks’ Construction Framing and Finishing program in his career.  He has been working at ProMaster Home Repair and is preparing to study construction management and business at Cincinnati State.

“These competitions are a great way to learn, to grow and improve your skills,” said Dunkley.  “I’m very happy that I had this opportunity.”

SkillsUSA is a national career-technical organization partnering students, teachers, and industry professionals.  SkillsUSA competitions are designed to let students demonstrate their knowledge and skills.