Wyoming/Great Oaks students pitch marketing ideas to Maple Knoll Village

Seventeen teams of business students at Wyoming High School spent six weeks this spring developing ideas to help a local business. After their fully developed plans were presented, two teams were chosen as winners, but all gained real-world experience.

Wyoming DECA students

Cassie Schapker of Fox19, Zachary Corbett and Megan Ulrich of Maple Knoll, Meghan Lyon, Kathryn Fischer, Jonah Berry, and Dennis Schapkerwere presented, two teams were chosen as winners, but all gained real-world experience.

Representatives of Maple Knoll Village met with the students at the start of the project to discuss their key goals for the year.  Then the students took their knowledge and got to work.  Each team created strength/weakness/opportunity/threat (SWOT) business analyses and developed an integrated marketing campaign to meet one of the goals.

“This project provided the students with experiential learning similar to some of the learning opportunities many of them will participate in through college as well as real world learning experience,” said instructor Dennis Schapker.   “The students essentially functioned as ad agency account teams throughout the project where they were competing to earn an account, or in this case to earn bragging rights with the possibility of seeing their classwork actually put to use by a real business.”

The students also put their public presentation skills on display as they pitched their ideas to marketing executives and digital producers for Fox19.  The top campaigns were forwarded to Maple Knoll Village, where their marketing team chose their favorites.

Members of the winning SWOT/marketing team are Kathryn Fischer, Abbi Bushman, Ethan Roeseler, and Jonah Berry.  The winning commercial concept was developed by Josh Nelson, Riley Lingen, Connor Kirkpatrick, and Jacob Bryan.

Fox19’s Emmy Award-winning producer will make the three top commercial concepts into 30-second ads.  Maple Knoll will run the spots on television and feature the spots on their social media platforms.

Each winning student received a $50 gift card from Maple Knoll, which also made a donation to the program’s DECA student chapter.

The students are enrolled in the Business Management program offered by Great Oaks Career Campuses in partnership with Wyoming High School.

Winning team member Kathryn Fischer wrote this about the project:  “I liked the amount of freedom the instructor gave us with this project. It was also nice to work with a group since I haven’t been able to do so this whole year.”