West Clermont BPA students head to national competition

Seven West Clermont students moved on to national business competition through top results in state Business Professionals of America (BPA) events.

The students are enrolled in the Business Management and Financial Services program offered by Great Oaks Career Campuses in partnership with West Clermont High School.

The students are:

Quin Bose and Michelle Malan

Quin Bose and Michelle Malan

  • Quin Bose, Fundamentals of Word, 4th place
  • Michelle Malan, Integrated Office, 2nd place
  • Alex Koch, Fundamentals of Accounting, 4th place
  • Lucas Kamphaus, Payroll Accounting, 4th place
  • Zak Franz, Payroll Accounting, 5th place
  • Ryan Bross, Personal Financial Management,5th place
  • Nathan Cox, Personal Financial Management, 2nd place

The competitions are composed of several areas of business including presentations, technology, finance, accounting, marketing, and economics.

Senior Alex Koch also won a national scholarship for $1,000 from the National Technical Honor Society and Business Professionals of America through his work and dedication to the program, organizations and his academics.

“We look forward to next year’s activities and look forward to the friendship and networking with other BPA members around the state of Ohio and the country,” said instructor Becky Landen.