Scarlet Oaks student Cade Harvey was named one of two winners of the BBB Center for Ethics Students of Integrity (SOI) scholarship for the 2020 year. The SOI scholarship is an ethics-based essay competition; recipients are chosen by an independent panel of judges for submissions demonstrating an exceptional interaction with a unique ethical dilemma.

Cade Harvey and his brother attend the Engineering Technology and Robotics program at Scarlet Oaks Career Campus where his sister attended. All three siblings were homeschooled from kindergarten all the way to their entrance into the Great Oaks Career Campus. “Our mom homeschooled us, and she was incredible at it,” Cade said. “She put so much time into choosing the right curriculum and keeping us going. It takes a lot of drive. It was a great experience for us all.” When his older sister chose Scarlet Oaks to begin a career in dental hygiene, the family caught a glimpse of a career-technical school with a wide range of high-quality career development opportunities. Cade and his younger brother found themselves drawn to engineering through the program’s energetic instructors and state-of-the-art laboratory.  But for Cade, it was the atmosphere of passionate scholarship from both students and mentors alike that made it an extraordinary learning experience.

Of course, it wasn’t just school that provided Cade with unique opportunities for education. His family’s landscaping business has taught him much about personal and career responsibility. “Working with my family in our business has been very important in my life. It developed a drive in me,” he explained. “I’ve learned the value of working long hours and being diligent. And since my brother and I started landscaping, we’ve had a lot of great experience in customer relations and operation management. It taught me how important it is to make sure the job gets done right.”

Cade plans to continue his engineering track at the University of Cincinnati in the mechanical engineering program. “Mechanical engineering is interesting to me because it bridges physics and mechanics,” he explained. “It’s very versatile in both the physical and virtual realms of engineering. I’ve always been drawn to automotive and aerospace technologies, and mechanical engineering is key to the progress of those industries.” Cade credits a dedicated and inspiring team of educators with his ambition: his engineering teacher, who is a driving force behind Scarlet Oaks’ motivated engineering students; his English teacher, who pushed him to advance in his skills as a writer and communicator; and his parents, whose active involvement in his education prepared him for his future. “They gave us direction, and helped us make the right decisions. My mom invested everything into our education so we could have a better future.”

SOI is a program of the Center, BBB’s foundation for the development of ethics in the community. To date, the Center has awarded $79,500 in scholarships for post-secondary education expenses to local students. To learn more about this or other programs of the Center, visit