More than 70 Great Oaks/Sycamore students are headed to state competition after placing among the top students in regional business and marketing events.

The students are part of the marketing program offered by Great Oaks Career Campuses at Sycamore High School, and are members of the DECA student business and marketing organization. The instructor is Mark Steedly.

The state-bound students are:

Apparel and Accessories:  1st:  Sarah Frankel, 3rd:  Maya Berry

Automotive Services:  1st:  Jozy Allen, 2nd:  Debanshu Kanungo

Business Finance:  2nd:  Ethan Heist, 3rd:  Cameron Erdman

Business Services:  1st:  Trisha Chidambaram, 2nd Zoe Stehling, 3rd:  Maria Bagriy

Entrepreneurship:  1st:  Marty Kahn, 2nd:  Kelley Kossanyi, 3rd:  Maya Sethuraman

Food Marketing:  1st Ethan Gause, 3rd:  Brady Foy, 4th:  Ariela Kurtzer

Hotel and Lodging:  2nd:  Claire Laneve, 4th:  Nicole Payton

Human Resources:  1st:  Mia Maniet, 5th Olivia Lindsey

Marketing Communications:  1st:  Eva Armbruster, 3rd:  Jozie Zink

Quick Serve Restaurant: 1st:  Ginevra Pascale, 4th:  Jeffrey Sung,  5th:  Nahiba Alam

Restaurant & Food Service Management: 1st: Gunjan Bahri, 4th:  Eli Miller

Retail Marketing:  2nd:  Sabrina Ramsey, 3rd:  Allie Fehr

Sports and Entertainment Marketing:  2nd:  Emilio Garcia Islas, 5th:  Paul Queenan

Business Law and Ethics: 1st:  Olivia Webster/Kyle Goodpaster

Buying & Merchandising: 3rd: Adam Kling/Kyle Heppler , 4th:  Laura Nordin/Lauren Gause

Entrepreneurship Team:  1st:  Yusuf Alam/Clayton Steinbrink

Hospitality Services: 2nd:   Elle Hausfeld/Marissa Allen, 4th:  Maddie Rudd/Sid Subramian

Marketing Management:  1st:  Lauren Pratt/Katie Hudepohl, 2nd:  Anna Schulte/Reagan Becker

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team:  1st:  Claire Henry/Morgan Brownell, 4th:  Hunter Kurtz/JJ Bello

Travel and Tourism:  4th:  Ben Berke/Bryce Dippold

Principles of Business Admin: 3rd:  Serene Tarabishi

Principles of Finance: 1st:  Natasha Singh

Principles of Marketing:  1st:  Jeremy Newman, 2nd:  Riah Parikh, 3rd:  Ashley Walker

Principles of Hospitality:  2nd:  Mya Reardon, 3rd:  Olivia Berke

Personal Financial Literacy: 1st:  Will Rinehart, 2nd:  Jacob Fleck, 4th: Anya Huth

IMC Service:  1st:  Grace Berlier, 2nd:  Michael Nold/ Rebecca Sleyo

IMC Event:  3rd:  Bryce Darbyshire/Jared Turner

Hospitality Professional Selling:  4th:  Andrew Gambaccini

Professional Selling:  1st:  Jack Wolfe, 4th:  Gus Weyand

Financial Consulting:  1st: Aryan Vaidya

All competitors took a one-hundred question multiple choice test on marketing concepts and had to perform an impromptu role play situation that dealt with either human relations problem solving, selling, promotion, economic concepts, management decision making, pricing, product development, planning marketing strategies, customer service problem solving or a combination of the above.

The top qualifiers advance to the DECA State Career Development Conference in Columbus during March, with a chance to qualify for national competition.