Thirty-three Mariemont students in the Great Oaks business program have advanced to the Ohio DECA State Competition after finishing among the top students in regional competition at UC Clermont.

First place winners from Mariemont were Adam Takas in Accounting, Max Northrop in Business Finance, Ally Frye in Food Marketing, Isaac Trybus in Marketing Communications, and Henry Buck and Retail Merchandising.

Second place finishers were Bridget Gilmore in Automotive Marketing, Chase Hollander in Human Resources, Courtney Kubicki in Marketing Communications, Max Megowen in Principles of Finance, Jossey Frye and Elizabeth Bonnell in Buying and Merchandising, Ryan Matarese and Jack Neville in Financial Services, Zach Stith and Michael Ryan in Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Melanie Weiss and Payton Smith in Travel and Tourism, and Rachel Bohl in Hospitality Selling.

The third place winners were William Pettifer in Automotive Marketing, Izzy Harris in Human Resources, Mary Tully in Restaurant Marketing,  Andrew Glassmeyer in Sports Marketing, Jonathan Cooper in Personal Financial Literacy, and Nick Comer and Ella Brennaman in Marketing Management.

Fourth place winners were Luke Robinson in Business Finance, Ellie Trubisky in Principles of Hospitality, and Cameron Lackney and Jack Stephens in Sports and Entertainment Marketing.

The fifth place finishers were Tyler Tritsch in Business Finance, Ava Hatcher in Food Marketing, Jacqueline Young in Hotel and Lodging, Anne Byers in Restaurant Marketing, and Max Halpin and Bates Gall in Hospitality Services.

The students are in the High School Business program offered by Great Oaks Career Campuses at Mariemont High School.

All competitors took a 100 question test on marketing, finance, management, and hospitality concepts and had to perform an impromptu role play around a variety of topics including promotion, selling, customer relations, product management, financial analysis, market planning and emotional intelligence.

The top 5 individuals and top 4 teams will compete in March for the opportunity to compete on the international level in Nashville.

DECA is an association of high school marketing and business students pursuing careers in hospitality, management, finance and marketing. DECA is a co-curricular to the business program at Mariemont High School where Mr. David Vilardo is the program advisor.”