Keep trying.Lee Seng and the Aspire staff

Kong Lee Seng (finally) earned his high school equivalency on December 19.

He came to the United States, from Cambodia, when he was 20 years old. He spoke very little English and at 20, he had aged out of traditional high school.

In 2016, Lee enrolled in the Aspire program to study for the Workkeys test. He studied for a year, passed the Workkeys test and in 2017 entered the Adult Diploma Program with the goal of becoming a certified Health Unit Coordinator. He completed the class but struggled to pass the written national exam. English fluency continued to be an obstacle. Lee was disappointed, but not defeated.

Instead of giving up, he chose to change direction. He came back to Aspire, with a new goal. He decided to earn his high school equivalency, which meant completely starting over and preparing for a different test.  Lee spent the next 2 years methodically working his way through 5 HSE sub-tests. He had to prepare for a Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading and Writing test.   Lee started testing in May of 2019 and completed his final test on December 19.

In total, Kong Lee Seng invested 677 attendance hours in his education. He spent nearly 4 years at Great Oaks and is beginning 2020 with a high school diploma, fluency in the English language, and the possibility of a better job.

His future is wide open. His determination and persistence will serve him well.

We will miss him in Aspire……. he was an inspiring part of our village.