Three representatives of Peoples Bank came to Laurel Oaks Career Campus recently to present a $2000 check in support of an innovative program designed to help students demonstrate their value to employers.  Jason Phipps, Regional President, joined local branch managers Fiona Pendell and Renee Walker to make the presentation for the Clean for My Career program.

Peoples Bank is well known for its support of the community, giving more than $1,000,000 in 2018 to charitable organizations and groups.  The latest donation will benefit the region in several ways, said Phipps.  “We hear from our bank customers about the challenge of finding employees who qualify, who can pass a drug test, and who have professional skills.”  The Clean for My Career program was created by Laurel Oaks administrators to show employers that their graduates fit those needs.

Students who voluntarily join the program agree to be randomly drug tested throughout the year. When they’ve completed the program, they receive a “Clean for My Career” card which demonstrates to employers that they are drug-free.

And it’s a popular program.  Laurel Oaks Assistant Dean Shannon McGowan put the call out, inviting those participants in their second year of the two-year program to be in a picture with Phipps to promote Clean for My Career.  More than a hundred students showed up.  In all, more than a third of Laurel Oaks’ 628 students are currently participating.

That’s a winning effort that Peoples Bank is proud to support.  “When our local businesses and our community have good employees, they can grow and our region can grow,” said Phipps.

Laurel Oaks students Laurel Oaks students Laurel Oaks students