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Diamond Oaks Career Campus’ Chef Maundrell honored as a top educator

Each year the Hamilton County Education Foundation honors top educators with the Celebrate Excellence Award.  For 2019, Molly Maundrell of the Diamond Oaks Career Campus Culinary Arts program was honored with the award for Great Oaks Career Campuses.

“Molly Maundrell is a talented chef who has chosen to share her skills and knowledge with young adults.  She engages students, develops their enthusiasm for culinary arts and prepares them to succeed in careers and in life,” reads the nomination. “Chef Maundrell brings an excitement and energy to her kitchen.  Her students feed off her passion and strive to excel. She differentiates experiences for her students to allow them to hone their skills and become the best culinary students they can be.”

Maundrell came to Great Oaks in 2004, and has had a career in such restaurants and businesses as La Maisonette.

She also understands the value of serving the community and teaching her students to serve.  She regularly gives her time and expertise to prepare food for a wide range of community events.

Chef Maundrell will move to the Live Oaks campus in fall 2019 to help begin a Culinary Arts program for high school students on the east side.


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