Ben Boone stopped by the Scarlet Oaks open house to talk with prospective students about his experiences.  A graduate of the IndustrialBen Boone Diesel Mechanics program, Boone has been moving ahead in his career ever since graduation, and is now at Ohio Cat in Cincinnati.

Although he was already working with diesel equipment before he even started school at Scarlet Oaks, he said that going to a career-technical school was a good decision.  “The Industrial Diesel program grabbed my attention and was something I enjoyed,” he said.  “It made me excited to be in school and allowed me to excel in the classroom.”

He said that high school freshmen and sophomores who are unsure about whether to make Great Oaks their future should absolutely consider it.  “You’re learning a skill, the schooling you receive from Great Oaks is valuable in employers’ eyes, and you are able to hit the ground running when you graduate.”