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Great Oaks/Batavia students love freezin’ for a reason

Batavia students taking the polar plunge for charity

Alyssa Dunham, Megan Wallace and Morgan Cravens

For the past nine years, Great Oaks/Batavia High School Business Professionals of America (BPA) students have plunged into ice cold water to raise money for Special Olympics.  This year’s annual Polar Plunge took place February 2nd at Joe’s Crab Shack in Bellevue, Kentucky.

Over sixty students, teachers and administrators qualified to take the plunge.  Together, they raised $9,397.  This earned them the award for highest contribution by a university or school.  Over the past nine years the team has raised over $80,000 for Ohio’s Special Olympics athletes.  “This is a group of students who understand what servant leadership truly involves,” said BPA advisor Angie Kovacs.

The top two fundraisers won the opportunity to push their assistant principal and language arts teacher into the ice cold water.  Top fundraiser Gaby Hattar raised $1,265 and pushed Batavia teacher Danielle Newman. Kirsten Hall raised $649 and pushed in Batavia Assistant Principal Darren Stevens.  Batavia superintendent Keith Millard and Batavia Board of Education member Scott Runck plunged as well.

The team had a special guest with them this year.  Heather Bunning, Director of Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement for the national Business Professionals of America Association, joined them.  Mrs. Bunning said “I appreciated the chance to personally witness what some of the incredible students of Business Professionals of America are doing within their communities. We are given the opportunity every day to extend our hand and help people get and give better. The students of Great Oaks/Batavia BPA are living and leading by that example. It is inspiring to witness them give back to an organization like Special Olympics, while having fun in the process.”

BPA students are enrolled in the legal management program at Batavia High School, a satellite program of Great Oaks Career Campuses.  The advisor is Angie Kovacs.



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