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Our communities are safer because of Great Oaks graduates

by Harry Snyder, President/CEO


Each year, hundreds of high school students and adults earn professional certifications or licenses in firefighting, law enforcement, and health care through Great Oaks.  Our communities are safer and healthier because of these men and women.

August 2018 police academy graduates

These are not easy career paths; why would someone choose the difficult, sometimes dangerous, and sometimes thankless work of public safety?  The guests at the recent Great Oaks Police Academy graduation got some insight, through the words of graduate—and new Colerain Township Police Officer—Brian Haubiel.  “As to why I made this move at this point in my life, after 13 years in a commercial banking career, look to my three kids for the answer to that question.  (They)  are the reason I’m here living out this dream, and I thank (them) for pushing me to be the best version of myself that I can be. There are three things I tell my kids they should strive to accomplish each and every day.  ‘Be happy.  Be healthy.  And be helpful. ‘”


Service to their families, to the community, and to the greater good, is what motivates these fine people.  He joins hundreds of others in our community who have begun a public safety service career here—including local sheriffs, police chiefs, fire chiefs, and other officials.  We’re pleased and proud that they chose Great Oaks to help them begin that life of service.


Officer Haubiel, who at 37 was not the oldest member of his Police Academy class, left a good career behind to start a new one in public safety.    We salute all of the men and women who choose that route and work to keep us safe and well.


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