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Great Oaks/Anderson High School students advance to state marketing competition

Great Oaks/Anderson High School marketing students dominated regional DECA marketing and business competition, with 61 students earning the right to compete at the state level.

The students belong to the Anderson High School DECA chapter, which is part of the Anderson Marketing Management and Research Program, a satellite program of Great Oaks Career Campuses.  650 students from seven schools participated in DECA regional competition, including Anderson High School, Indian Hill High School, Mariemont High School, Milford High School, Princeton High School, West Clermont High School, and Western Brown High School.

The following Anderson High School Marketing students took first place in their event:   Sarah Amrine/Isabel Huseman – Buying and Merchandising Team; Grace Boedker/Olivia Motsch – Travel and Tourism Team; Allie Brodbeck – Financial Consulting Selling; Mattisen Brown – Quick Services; Jake Campbell – Professional Selling; Lindsey Dierker and Alex Homan – Entrepreneurship Innovating; Ryan Faherty/Austin Watt – Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan; Gwen Flick – Advertising Campaign; Ashley Gavin/Ann Sullivan – Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan; Adam Greer/Connor Arnold – Business Law and Ethics Team; Reagan Karwisch – Retail; Josie Lackmeyer/Kirsten Johnson – Hospitality Services Team; Tannah Martin-Rich/Courtney Williams – Entrepreneurship Team; Delaney O’Toole – Apparel; Mackenzie Reinhardt – Hospitality Selling; Sean Schaeffer/Trent Rogers – Sports and Entertainment Team; Molly Stefan – Hotel; Noah VonHolle – Sports Marketing; Caroline Williams – Human Resources

The second place winners were:  Michael Allgeier – Personal Financial Literary; Ashley Anderson/Abby Overbeek – Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan; Christian Becker – Professional Selling; Matthew Berning – Accounting; Brooke Bitzer/Oliver Maddrill – Financial Services Team; Chelsea Coffey/Teagan Vogel – Marketing Management Team; Molly Cron/Grace Steinher – Travel and Tourism Team; Matt Dunlap/Nick Turchiano – Sports and Entertainment Team; Sammie Engel – Retail; Madeline Flick – Marketing Communications; Stefan Lamriben/Brooke Peters – Entrepreneurship Team; Katie Mace – Entrepreneurship Start-up; Blake Machesky – Entrepreneurship; Elizabeth Minor – Advertising Campaign; John Schonauer – Entrepreneurship Innovating; Andrew Schultz – Automotive Services; Trenton Stallard – Restaurant Marketing; Piper Stark – Hotel; Maci Stevens – Retail; William Sultan – Food Marketing; Tim Swaney – Sports Marketing

Placing third: Catherine Dorsey – Marketing Communications; Taya Hendeson – Apparel; Elle Painter/Megan Sullivan – Buying and Merchandising Team; Kevin Stone – Entrepreuneurship; Grace Thumann – Entrepreneurship Start-up; Jay Volpenheim and Jackson Webster – Entrepreneurship Innovating

Placing fourth:  Stanley Howard – Human Resources; Mason Kniskern – Principles of Marketing; Lila Shellenbarger – Principles of Hospitality

In fifth place were: Morgan Gonzales – Business Services; Jake Morris – Food Marketing

DECA Diamond Trophies are presented to first through fifth place winners.  The top three individuals and top two teams in each category will compete in Ohio DECA State Competition in Columbus on March 9 and 10, with the opportunity to compete at International Competition in Atlanta.

All competitors took a 100 question multiple choice test on marketing concepts and had to perform an impromptu role play situation that dealt with a variety of business topics. The topics chosen were: human relations problem solving; selling; promotion; economic concepts; management decision making; pricing; product development; planning marketing strategies and customer service problem solving.

DECA is an association of high school marketing students who are exploring careers in marketing and management or want to develop these skills for a future professional position. DECA is co-curricular to the marketing education program that takes place in the classroom. Ohio DECA has 4,579 members with 119 chapters and National DECA has a total of 210,000 student members for the High School Division.

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