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Student safety–being prepared

Great Oaks Career Campuses is using the world’s first diagnostic first-­aid and trauma
app to respond to life-­threatening medical emergencies such as severe bleeding and cardiac arrest.

Alvin Gille, the Coordinator of Health, Safety, & Security at Great Oaks, said that while they haven’t had to deal with traumatic injuries in the past, they “want to be ready if necessary” to protect their 2900 students and 500 staff members.

“We wanted to be prepared to treat major trauma quickly, should it ever occur on one of our campuses,” said Gille. “These units help us to take action before EMS arrives.” Called the “Cadillac of First Aid Kits” by WIRED magazine, the Compact Mobilize Rescue System’s app will help staff assess, manage and monitor medical emergencies until professional first responder arrive – even if they don’t have training. Each unit includes all the equipment necessary to manage emergencies like severe bleeding, seizures, choking, cardiac arrest, hypothermia, and more.

“The app provides ‘just-­in-­time’ training that empowers bystanders to provide life saving care,” said Seth Goldstein, Director of Training and Education at Mobilize Rescue Systems. “The app ensures that an immediate responder doesn’t have to rely only on memory in the heat of the moment.” With such a large staff, training everyone to respond to emergencies is a logistical challenge. By providing the ability for 500 staff members to download the app, Great Oaks has exponentially increased its capacity to respond effectively to medical emergencies. “We feel that these kits answer the questions that a lot of schools have had: ‘How to we train our staff and how do we make them feel comfortable enough to take action in an emergency?’” said Gille. “The app gives our staff the reassurance that they’ll make good decisions in tough situations.”

Great Oaks has placed 50 Compact Mobilize Rescue Systems throughout its four campuses. A unit is placed alongside each AED, and at least one trauma unit has been placed in the more remote labs (such as the Heavy Equipment Operations and Engineering lab).

Great Oaks is joining the ranks of law enforcement agencies, safety consultant groups, as well as universities and public and private schools across the country that deployed the system after realizing the value of empowering anyone to respond to critical medical emergencies.

“Most people want to help during an emergency,” said Dr. Joseph Bart, the Medical Director at Mobilize Rescue Systems. “They want to do more, but they’re not necessarily sure how. The app makes it possible for them to act.”


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Board Chair Committee meeting

This is a monthly meeting of the committee chairs for the Board of Directors.
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