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Summer Camp 2017

Summer Career Camps

Open to all current 8th and 9th graders (as of spring 2017) living in a Great Oaks district.

(Not sure if you live in a Great Oaks district?  Click here for a list)

5-day camps are $50.  Application/registration begins February 1.

Choose from:

June 5-9
9 am – 3 pm
Diamond Oaks, Laurel Oaks, Scarlet Oaks

Aviation Maintenance: If you have a love of airplanes and want to know more about the mechanics of the plane, you will love this 1- week camp!  You will be introduced to the basics of proper maintenance for airplanes.  This includes: airframes, basic welding, and hydraulic systems. (Laurel Oaks)

Car and Truck Mechanics: Do you look at cars and big trucks and wonder how they work? If so, check out this camp!  You will explore differences in passenger and commercial vehicles: Gas and diesel engines, hydraulic and air brakes, proper jacking and supporting, wheel inspection and removal/replacement, basic electrical including starting/charging circuits, flow of power through drivetrains, and more. (Scarlet Oaks)

Cosmetology:  Do you enjoy helping people look their best?  Learn the basics of hair styling, manicures, and more.  (Diamond Oaks)

Culinary:  If you like watching Food Network and love to prepare and serve beautiful and delicious food, this camp is for you!  You will learn popular cooking methods and how to properly use and maintain commercial kitchen and bakery equipment.  (Scarlet Oaks)

Digital Art: Do you love to use computer software to create art?  Then Digital Art Camp is for you! This camp will teach you the basics of design and introduce you to the software used in design. (Laurel Oaks)

Early Childhood Education:  People often say that their first teacher is their most memorable teacher.  Learn how to help young children get the right start in life through Early Childhood Education. (Laurel Oaks)

2016 Electrical and Construction Camp

Electrical: Just like the TV Show Fit it and Finish It, this camp will introduce you
to electrical skills.  You will learn the basics of how to remodel and wire electrical circuits. (Scarlet Oaks)

Exercise Science:  Get a jump start on your career in helping athletes and patients by learning about rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and performance.  Students attending this camp will receive First Aid and CPR training with certification at the end of the camp.  (Diamond Oaks)

Health Careers:  Interested in health care?  In this camp you will learn about body mechanics, taking vital signs and infection control. (Laurel Oaks)

Horses, Animals and Sustainable Urban Agriculture: Are horses and other animals your passion?  Are you interested in how to grow food in cities?  You’ll learn about the care and training of horses and smaller animals and techniques for urban gardening. (Diamond Oaks)

Welding and Machining:  Are you a hands-on kind of person, who enjoys creating things or building things from metals? Then come join us for an insider’s look to the world of welding and precision machining.  Learn how automated manufacturing machines are programmed.  Get basic MIG welding experience while creating something artistic or practical to take away with you. (Diamond Oaks)

June 19-23
9 am – 3 pm
Live Oaks

Automotive Careers: Do you look at cars with beautiful body work and wonder how it is done? Do you enjoy figuring out how cars can run their best?  Learn what automotive technicians and auto body specialists do and the technology they use in their daily work. (Live Oaks)

Cosmetology:  This camp is FILLED at Live Oaks.  Space may still be available for Cosmetology at Diamond Oaks from June 5-9.

Exercise Science and Health Care:  Learn about rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and performance.  You’ll also learn about body mechanics, taking vital signs and infection control. Students attending this camp will receive First Aid and CPR training with certification at the end of the camp.(Live Oaks)

Heavy Equipment and Construction:  If you like to build and are interested in how roads, building sites, and neighborhoods are prepared, come to this camp.  From small hand tools to large earthmoving equipment, you’ll learn the basics of construction and site preparation. (Live Oaks)